Meet Chibi of PrincessChibi/Imperfect Kawaii!

Monday, January 3, 2011
Name: Chibi
Birthdate: Classified ;3
Location: Sunny California
Shop Name: Princess Chibi/ Imperfect Kawaii

When and why did you first join Etsy? 

I joined Etsy around Feb 2009 to buy something ^_^

Did you open your shop right away? 

Noperz, I just wanted to buy a lil plushie that I saw on DeviantArt. I didn't think I'd actually one day become a seller till later O_O

Why are you a member of EtsyTeaParty? 

Why not! I find it awesomely awesome that there are teams on Etsy to be a part of! I just love what we all have in common, our love to make and wear unique fashion with that cute girlie touch! I also love tea parties =^_^=

Easy one, what is your favorite color(s)

Baby blue...and then baby pink :] 

How did you choose your shop's name? 

Well since it was meant to just buy stuff before, I just went with the nickname my boyfriend gave me, Princess Chibi :] He treats me like a princess and thinks I'm chibi(mini) sized. My original shop name is Imperfect Kawaii, but I felt like keeping all my positive feedbacks, so I just went with my nickname ^_^

What is your favorite item that you have listed in your shop and why? 

I'd have to say these paopus. They're the first thing I have created to sell. First it was for my best firends as gifts for Valentine's Day, but I had left overs and decided to sell them. I just love it when customers tell me how happy they are with their paopus and that they can share it with their love one or friend :] Makes me awe. I wouldn't have started selling if it weren't for my friends and boyfriend who encouraged me to make more of these fruits and to also try new things.

Do you have any other hobbies besides crafting/creating gorgeous handmade things for Etsy

Well, for several months now, I've been getting into the lolita fashion much more to the point where I'm dressing up! I have several offbrand jsks, and aim to buy an Angelic Pretty dress soon this year<333 Asides from that, I enjoy having random adventures with my boyfriend, hanging out with my friends, I love to eat a lot sweets x____x

Do you have any pets? 

I have my amazing crazy bleu Pomeranian GiZ! He's such a fluff ball and I love him ^.^! 

What is your most cherished possession and why? 

My jade necklace :] My mommy bought it for me when I was young on our trip in China. It's been on me for a long time ^_^ And of course GiZ is second. My boyfriend gave him to me and he's like a kid to us, except I have full custody ^_^

What is/are your favorite item(s) that you bought from Etsy? 

Oh please don't make me piiiiick! I love them all! ^_^; 

Tell us about your family members

I have a loving mommy and a kinda protective daddy. I also have my grandma on my mom's side with us :] I'm the only child and no, I'm not heavily spoiled :P

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three things, what would they be? 

Cookies, milk, and a boat to get off that island >_

What things inspire you to craft/create? 

My friends, boyfriend, customers that requests stuff. ALSO fellow Etsians and crafters! I learned a lot from other polymer clay artists<333 

What advice do you have for fledgling Etsy sellers?

Keep doing what you love to do! People that appreciate and love your work will buy and spread the word :] It may be a tough world out there, but never be discouraged by the numbers on your Etsy. 

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