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Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Name: Krista
Birthdate: January 23
Location: Anderson Island, Washington State
Shop Name: Jilted Coquette

When and why did you first join Etsy?
I began creating hair adornments before I even had anywhere to sell them! My friends and family recommended checking out Etsy and it seemed like a good venue to get my small business started. I joined Etsy on May 25, 2010 with the sole purpose of setting up my own shop.

Did you open your shop right away?
Yes, I began listing items the same day I joined.

Why are you a member of EtsyTeaParty?
I'm always searching for new Lolita communities to make connections in and Etsy Tea Party caught my eye as a welcoming team of like minded individuals.

Easy one, what is your favorite color(s)?
At the moment I'm stuck on deep rich hues of red and purple accented with gold.

How did you choose your shop's name?
Choosing my shop name was an agonizing process that took the better half of a week to finalize! I wanted a name that would establish a relation to Lolita fashion without using the term 'Lolita' in the title. The name also had to be broad enough to encompass a variety of Lolita styles. A college professor once described a performance art piece of mine as 'coquettish' and that term always stuck with me so I combined it with 'jilted' to create what I find to be an amusing name that tells a little story =)  I like to think it conveys a sense of edgy elegance!

What is your favorite item that you have listed in your shop and why?
I really love this Gothic cameo fascinator and I plan on making a replica of it for myself with some reject lace that is too damaged to use on another piece. I love the delicacy of the embroidery, the textured softness of the faux fur and the intricate detail in the resin cameo.

Do you have any other hobbies besides crafting/creating gorgeous handmade things for Etsy?
I don't consider my Etsy shop to be a hobby, but rather a full time job. I've dedicated the last 8 months entirely to the establishment, promotion and growth of my business, which leaves little time for much else!  But if I had an Etsy hobby, it would be creating treasuries. I love making collections of beautiful handmade Lolita items and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing them on the treasury front page!

Do you have any pets?
I have two rabbits, Ruby and Emeril, who are both rescues. Ruby is a one and a half year old female English spot mix with an attitude problem and Emeril is a grey lop mix of unknown age with a liver problem. I love them both dearly.

What is your most cherished possession and why?
I would say my rabbits, but it seems a bit degrading to think of them as possessions because they are unique individuals with distinct personalities. So instead I'll say my iPhone, because I feel completely lost, out of touch and crazy without it!

What is/are your favorite item(s) that you bought from Etsy?
Because I found out about Etsy as a seller, I haven't made many purchases, but I have found some great shops for findings and cameos that I use in my creations.

Tell us about your family members.
My family is a bit scattered, so at home it's just me and my rabbits!

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three things, what would they be?
I live on a remote island and have to catch a ferry to reach civilization, so between 8pm and 6:30am I AM stranded! No supermarkets, no pizza delivery and no hospitals, which, combined with frequent and prolonged power outages, means I'm in a constant state of emergency preparedness. I always have to make sure I have stockpiles of firewood, matches, flashlights, candles, canned food and rabbit supplies. I know thats more than three, but survival's rough!! When it comes to luxury items I treasure my transistor radio; it keeps me in touch with humanity and I can use the 9 volt battery in conjunction with steel wool to start a fire if I need to!

What things inspire you to craft/create?
More than anything I'm inspired by materials. It's rare that I sit down with a preconceived idea of what I'm about to create. I like to look at what I have in front of me and then become inspired by all the different potential combinations of the materials. It's a very free form process and I never know what I'm going to end up with.

What advice do you have for fledgling Etsy sellers?
Using all of your photo and tag slots is always important. Try to find as many ways to promote yourself as possible. The more items you have listed are more opportunities that people will find your shop! If you don't have new items to add everyday, renew old ones. Try building up local recognition in your own community by leaving business cards at coffee shops and approaching local small business' (shops where you can see your items being sold) about wholesale or consignment work. Get a business license! This will make you more official and allow you access to tax free supplies, and maybe even some discounts. But remember to keep good track of your sales and expenses so when tax time comes around you are prepared!

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