Meet Sabrina of Berry Sweet Treats!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Name: Sabrina
Birthdate: 24 yr old Capricorn : )
Location: Toronto, Canada
Shop Name: Berry Sweet Treats

When and why did you first join Etsy?
I joined Etsy December 26, 2009 under my other shop name glamazon08, and then I came up with my name Berry Sweet Treats later. I started out on Deviant Art first, and got positive feedback about my work, so I thought Etsy would be a great community to start selling.
Did you open your shop right away?
No, I waited a few months before jumping into it. I did my research and looked up a lot of the awesome Etsy blog articles and tips of how to set up a shop. I still use the tips to this day! A lot of great articles are always posted.

Why are you a member of EtsyTeaParty?
I love that this group of sellers all specialize in kawaii, hime, lolita, etc. of Japanese cultures and trends, and they all put their own spin on things. It’s a great way to showcase our work individually and as a team to show new styles, and to encourage handmade goods at the same time.

Easy one, what is your favorite color(s)?
I love black! I also like pink, aqua, and teal – a lot of my accessories are these colors. I love earth tones and gold and silver (mostly jewelry). I wear at least earrings and a bangle or ring everyday.

How did you choose your shop's name?
I liked the “sweet” element of these Japanese styles, and a lot of my stuff I make are sweets and cakes, so I figured treats should be in there too. I also love strawberries, so I ended up with Berry Sweet Treats.

What is your favorite item that you have listed in your shop and why (add URL)?
My favourite item listed currently in my shop is “The Sweet Life” Macaron Print Postcard. It shows my interpretation of kawaii – the print is of clay macarons I made!

Do you have any other hobbies besides crafting/creating gorgeous handmade things for Etsy?
I do, but not really crafting related! I love learning, and that goes for shop-related stuff too! I finished my degree in Business Management, and certificate in Emergency/Disaster Management last year, and I’m planning on doing my Masters soon. I’m continuing on learning in these fields, as well as languages, and there are about six I’ve had exposure to. I really want to get back into Pilates and I want to get into boxing.
Do you have any pets?

What is your most cherished possession and why?
Life :)

What is/are your favorite item(s) that you bought from Etsy?
Some of my favourite handmade items I bought on Etsy was peanut butter cups from ATouchOfSimplicity (she has the most yummiest chocolate) and chocolate cheese fudge from SakuraCandyBakeShop. I also love all the super kawaii supplies from fabrics to cabochons, and packaging goods!

Tell us about your family members.
All I can say is I have a lot! haha :)

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three things, what would they be?
I would bring some suntan lotion and a bathing suit to enjoy the island first, but also have a communications device to call back when I wanted to leave!

What things inspire you to craft/create?
A lot of things inspire me from Alice in Wonderland, sweets/cakes, nature, funky cute, and shabby chic!

What advice do you have for fledgling Etsy sellers?
Be yourself!! Express your own style of what you make, how you take your pictures, and how you promote yourself. It’s all about you. Here’s a blog post I wrote about advice that was given to me, awesome posts I found, and my own experiences along the way.

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