Meet Amber From SewOeno

Monday, December 28, 2009
Name: Amber Martinez
Birthdate: 04/03/1987
Location: cleveland ohio at the moment.
Shop Name: SewOeno

When and why did you first join Etsy?
I originally joined in march of 2006 with a different name but decided to not keep that around, so i made a new shop in the end of 07! i joined etsy because i hated ebay!!!
never been back since.

Did you open your shop right away?
yes i did. i already had a few fans from ebay that traveled over to etsy!

Why are you a member of EtsyTeaParty?
because its full of cuteness! really though, i was on another team once, i hate to diss it, okay no i don't. it sucked!

Easy one, what is your favorite color(s)?
totally not an easy one. normally i say purple but i'm more into pink & red as of late!

How did you choose your shop's name?
well sew is easy, oeno, well read this! and this!

What is your favorite item that you have listed in your shop and why (add URL)?
my strawberry rompers! well any of my strawberry clothing really. i've been obsessed for years!!!! (pictured above)

Do you have any other hobbies besides crafting/creating gorgeous handmade things for Etsy? honestly i don't!! i work in a sewing shop selling machines and i sew when i get home. if i'm not sewing, i hate to admit i have a thing for strongbow, sparks red & md2020! couldn't survive without those pals ;)

Do you have any pets?
at my current house, my roommates have two cats. my parents have a giant english mastiff! her name is lilly and shes a fattie!

What is your most cherished possession and why?
i think it'd be my car and sewing machines. i don't think i need to explain that!

What is/are your favorite item(s) that you bought from Etsy?

i'm also excited to receive this!!  from [i think i have the crudest sense of humor ever]

Tell us about your family members.
well i have my parents who have been married for almost 30 years i think? they are the best and most supportive people i could ever have in my life. then i have my brother who is 4 years older, he plays in a band, plus he also has his own recording studio that hes had since he was 11.

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three things,
what would they be?

matches, a pot for cooking and a knife! i can find the rest :) [bear grilles style! that man is so hot, even if he does drink his own pee!!]

What things inspire you to craft/create?
music for the most part, food, friends and colors. i'm pretty basic in my thinking.

What advice do you have for fledgling Etsy sellers?
fledgling is a silly word. i think i would tell them to tough it out! keep on goin!

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